Frequently Asked Questions


What happens inside the VacuShape

The VacuShape operates just like a normal treadmill, except that, the walker is covered by a chamber from the waist down. The chamber’s special feature is the vacuum system that creates the low atmospheric pressure, in which the client walks. sing the VacuShape, the client is literally walking in a vacuum chamber from the waist down. The lower parts of the body, inside the vacuum chamber, experience increased blood circulation and an increase in temperature as the workout continues. The blood is pulled into both the skin and fat layers by the vacuum and walking actions. This permits concentrated fat burning and reduction to take place in precisely the cellulite and fat prone areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks. Anyone can verify this for themselves. After exercising, feel the skin on your waist, buttocks and thighs with the back of your hand. If the temperature is even all over, then you are one of the people lucky enough to be blessed with a good disposition. If, however, the skin on your upper body is warm, but your thighs and buttocks feel cold, then you are prone to the development of cellulite and fat build-up. This is because fat cannot be lost by way of normal training due to the poor blood supply in these areas.
As the body tries to burn fat as a source of energy it first burns fat reserves which are easy for the body to use, mainly around the chest. The result is that women exercise in order to improve their figure, but they slim down mainly around their breasts, arms, shoulders and face, without actually losing fat in the lower parts of the body, i.e. precisely where you want it removed from.
Without the VacuShape and its unique vacuum system, the cellulite and fat prone areas on the hips, thighs and buttocks would never be reached.
In order to ensure optimal fat burning, the VacuShape also monitors your pulse rate to ensure that your heart rate is always kept below your maximum fat burning heart rate. This is normally between 100 and 135 beats per minute, depending on your age and physical condition.


Why is the VacuShape so effective in burning fat ?

It is important to remember that exercise is necessary to burn fat and that fat can only be broken down through muscle activity.
While walking in the VacuShape under a low atmospheric pressure, the walker is both: exercising the muscles and increasing the blood supply and circulation to the cellulite and fat prone areas of the lower body. This increased supply of blood, nutrition and oxygen to the lower body, while exercising the muscles, results in higher metabolism, cell activity and faster fat burning.

What causes cellulite and fat build-up?

80% of women have a serious disposition towards cellulite and fat, which accumulates stubbornly in the areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks. This disposition towards cellulite and fat accumulation originates from a woman’s need to accommodate for pregnancy and childbirth. In this way, women have connective tissue that is different to men, in that it is less firm. Genetics, nutrition and hormones along with increased water storage also lead to an enlargement of the fatty tissue in the cellulite prone areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks. The accumulation of fat in the problem areas and the resulting decrease in the blood circulation, nutrition and oxygen supplied to the fat and skin in these areas, makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to burn off fat no matter how hard you exercise.


Why is cellulite and fat removal so difficult?

The only true solution for burning off fat reserves is exercise. It is very important to understand the connection between blood circulation, fat loss and exercise. When exercising a body with cellulite and fat, the body temperature of the problem areas in the lower body actually decreases due the blood’s flow away from the skin and into the muscle tissue. The upper body, on the other hand, experiences normal circulation and upper body temperature increases as long as exercise increases. When muscles demand energy from fat, it can only be delivered from areas where enough blood is available as a transport medium. This results in fat being burnt off in undesired areas of the upper body and not in the cellulite and fat-prone areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks. This link between blood circulation, fat loss and exercise is extremely important. It is sad but true that women with cellulite deposits around the hips, thighs and buttocks won’t be able to burn off the cellulite and fat using normal fat-burning training, no matter how hard they exercise.

How long is each training session in the VacuShape?

We recommend merely a 30-minute brisk walk for optimum results.


But do I have to train hard within this timeframe?

No, training under pressure is designed to be undemanding. Your pulse rate should be between 70 and 130 beats per minute. You may even take a rest break during the training session.


How often should I exercise in the VacuShape?

In the beginning we recommend three training sessions per week for a period of eight weeks. You may then decide to continue with further fat breakdown at the same intensity or to stabilise your achieved result with one training session per week.


What effects and results can I expect?

Scientific tests have proven that women lose three times more on their thighs, using the VacuShape, than using normal fat-burning training. Using the VacuShape, even women with a persistent fat build-up, who are naturally prone to fat accumulation, lose at least 1 centimetre circumference per kilogram of weight-loss per thigh. Without VacuShape these women would lose a maximum of only 0.3 to 0.5 centimetres per thigh per kilogram of weight loss. For women who store excess water, these results can be more than doubled.
In simple terms, regular use of the VacuShape results in an average fat reduction of one trouser size per month.


Are the results lasting?

Each session using the VacuShape brings a lasting positive impact. Long-term studies on women with a predisposition to cellulite and fat have not only shown the durability of the results achieved from VacuShape, but, as an added bonus in many cases, formative tissue in the affected areas has regenerated – turning back the skin’s biological clock by up to 10 years.